HydraDepth Type Deep

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The HydraDepth Type Deep is AMAZING against initial signs of aging, severe wrinkles, facial contouring and creases. You'll be able to expect noticeable results after your the first procedure and it lasts up to. 

The HydraDepth Type Deep is for the lips, nose and chin areas of the face.


✔ HIGH CONCENTRATIONS OF HYALURONIC ACID - With it’s very high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid - 24mg/ml you achieve an effective and a more natural-looking volume in areas like the cheeks. 

✔ LASTS FOR 12 TO 18 MONTHS - Our gel is very stable and offers resistance to the enzymes for a duration of 12 to 18 months. Crazy, right? 

✔ PAINLESS EXPERIENCE - Our HydraDepth Type Deep is a needle-free infusion and it’s completely pain-free! 


HydraDepth Type Deep comes in a syringe in which can easily be put into an ampoule and attached to your hyaluron pen. Once that’s said and done then use you can use the pen to infuse the gel into the skin.